These types of cages are made out of a fish aquarium. Since all of the sides are clear, it allows you to easily watch and see your hedgehog. It can be easily bought at most pet stores. This cage holds in bedding and other supplies. The sides of the cage are smooth enough so it makes it difficult for the hedgehog to climb out.


Provides little ventilation because the sides are solid. Sometimes it can be pricey to get a large enough aquarium (30 gallon minimum.) These cages can be heavy and hard to clean. Since little air can escape or enter the cage it can easily get way too hot for your hedgie.

How to build an aquarium cage

1. Set the cage in the area you are planning on keeping it in

2.Fill the cage with bedding, wheel, etc.

3.Make sure the top stays off (if your hedgehog is an escape artist, make a wire mesh top)

Things to think about

  • Make sure you watch the temperature so your hedgehog does not overheat

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