Plastic Tub


The plastic tub cage is the most cost efficient cage you can get because it is simply made out of a Rubbermaid or Sterilite container. Unlike most cages the plastic tub cage is very easy to move without anything falling out of your cage. This type of cage is very light to in any situation it will not be a struggle. It saves a lot of time when cleaning. The large opening on the top will allow you to reach in to clean the cage or take out your hedgie. These  bins are found in most department stores like Wal-Mart, Kmart, etc. If the sides go up at least 12 inches you do not have to worry about your hedgehog escaping because of the slippery sides.


Do to the sides being solid it has a minimal amount of ventilation for the hedgehog. When making the cage holes have to be drilled into the sides and that can sometimes cause the tub to break. You have to be careful with different types of heaters that your hedgehog will need because the plastic could melt and burn your hedgie. The sides are not 100% clear so it might be difficult to see your hedgehog through the side of the cage. When having a pet cat or dog they could easily knock over the cage unless it is on the floor.

How to build a plastic tub cage

1. Buy the cage and set it in an open area

2. Gently heat up the cage with a hairdryer so holes are easier to cut (optional)

3. Use a drill to make 1/2 to 1 inch holes around the top and bottom of the cage, a few inches apart

4. If you would like to hang something from the cage like a water bottle you can drill smaller holes to hang it on

5. Fill the cage with wheel, bedding, etc.

What to look for

  • Make sure the sides are tall enough so that the hedgehog cannot climb onto his pet igloo or wheel and escape
  • If you are leaving the top open make sure other pets cannot get inside
  • If you want to have more ventilation you can cut the inside of the top off and duct tape wire/steel mesh to the rim of the top and put it on



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